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How to deal with sick days when you have Type 2 diabetes 🤒

Since we are in November 2020, it's not only the beginning of flu season, but we are still in the midst of this covid-19 pandemic...

The risk of getting sick is unfortunately high these days, no matter how careful we are. 😷

If you have #Type2diabetes or #prediabetes, you not only have to manage your symptoms (like your fever, cough, or congestion) but you also have to manage your blood sugar levels, which tend to get out of balance real quick when you’re sick. 🤒

How do you manage your blood sugar levels when you’re sick? What should you do with your medication and your insulin? When should you go see your doctor?

I've made a new YouTube video to answer all your questions about being sick when you have Type 2 diabetes. Click below to watch it!

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