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In an ideal world, people who receive a diagnosis of prediabetes or Type 2 diabetes should all receive EDUCATION & SUPPORT.

Kasana Health is proud to provide FREE education & support to help you make lifestyle habit changes in the areas of nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress management.

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Outsmarting Type 2 Diabetes



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  • Who is the course "Outsmarting Type 2 diabetes" designed for?"
    We created this course to help educate people about what precisely Type 2 diabetes (T2D) is, how it affects their health and how to prevent or better manage it. Although clearly for people who have been diagnosed with T2D, this course is also ideally suited for people who are overweight, have prediabetes and/or signs of T2D but who haven't received an official diagnosis.
  • Can I take join the course "Outsmarting Type 2 Diabetes" if I haven't been diagnosed with T2 diabetes?"
    Absolutely! Our goal is to help people avoid T2D and as such we encourage people to join as early as possible in their journey towards better health. When it comes to lifestyle habits, prevention strategies are similar to treatment strategies, and it is always easier (and less stressful) to start earlier rather than later!
  • Is the course "Outsmarting Type 2 Diabetes" truly FREE? Why is it listed for $10?"
    Yes, the course is entirely free! Please enter the code FREE when signing up for the course. No credit card number is required when you enter the code. The course is listed for $10 because the platform we use to host the course content doesn't allow us to list it at $0. Please know that if you decide to make a $10 payment, your contribution will only be used to create additional content to help people with prediabetes & Type 2 diabetes live healthier lives while taking fewer pills.
  • Do I have lifetime access to the course "Outsmarting Type 2 Diabetes"?"
    Once you signup, you have 12 months access to the course content. This is to encourage you to learn early on in your journey, and to start implementing the learnings by making lifestyle habit change sooner rather than later. Please know that the reference documents and recipes can be downloaded and remain yours forever! To enquire about more personalized services, please reach out to
  • How much time does it take to complete the "Outsmarting Type 2 Diabetes" course?"
    The course has about 2 hours of on-demand videos, and several reference documents, mini-quizzes and recipes to browse through. You can browse through them all on your own time. You have 12 months access to the content once you signup. This is to encourage you to learn early on in your journey and to start implementing the learnings sooner rather than later! To enquire about more personalized services, please reach out to
  • How long will it take to see results after taking the course?
    Everyone is different and results vary for each person, and as such we are unable to specify a specific timeline for change. In the 10+ years that we have been helping people, we have noted that those who are committed to change through learning and taking action typically start to see results 2-3 months (lower BG levels and reduced A1c), but again everyone is different!
  • Can I share my login information with my family and friends?
    This is a FREE course so there is no need to share your login information! Simply copy, paste and share the following URL and your family members & friends can signup as well:
  • What is #EndT2D?
    Kasana Health started #EndT2D in December 2019 as part of our mission to play a role in ending Type 2 diabetes (T2D). It has become a reminder to each team member and those that we help of our commitment to playing a role in the global fight to put an end to a disease that is often avoidable through lifestyle habit change.
  • How long has Kasana Health been helping people?
    Kasana Health [formerly Motion165] was founded in 2010 by Dave Mackey and Sara Issa with the mission of playing a role in the bringing about of positive change in the lives of as many millions of people as possible. Our focus has always been on weight related health complications and the effect that they have on mental health. In 2018, the team made a decision to focus their efforts on Type 2 diabetes.
  • Do you offer more personalized services?
    To enquire about private coaching or 1:1 services, please reach out to
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