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Stop checking your blood sugar levels “just for your doctor”

Every now and then, people come to the pharmacy and show me their blood sugar logbooks.

When I look at the pages with numbers scribbled everywhere I always feel like I’m missing so much information to be able to properly help them.

Most people just write the date and their result... No time of day, no indication whether they’re testing before or after meals, no mention of what they ate.

So I ask people. Sometimes they can answer me. And sometimes they can’t... because they don’t remember. Which is normal! Who remembers what they ate for lunch yesterday?? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Of course, I take the time to explain to everyone that knowing your blood sugar result can help you understand how your body responds to certain foods. It can guide you in making better choices for your upcoming meals/snacks. It can help you understand why you feel like you have no energy…

In other words… it’s really useful information!!

So tell me, when you check your blood sugar levels at home, do you record them in a logbook? And if so, do you ever look at your results and try to make sense of the values? Or do you just write down the number because you “have to” show your doctor?

I’m genuinely curious. Comment below and let me know!

Honestly, for the longest time I thought that people simply weren’t given the right tools to help them track their blood sugar levels and interpret their results.

I know that every glucose meter company or brand gives a little logbook with their meters. But it’s the smallest and most unpractical thing ever!

It’s so small, there’s barely enough room to write down anything other than the date and your result...

Sure, there are now dozens of apps that will help you log your blood sugar results, and take pictures of your meals… but I find that most people use these apps for the wrong reasons: to track their calories or their carbs.

No! You don't need to do that!!

These apps track so much data, that it moves the focus away from the important things you should be tracking. Like your blood sugar levels in relation to what you eat. Your energy levels. How much water you drink.

This is important information for anyone living with Type 2 diabetes.

So I decided to create my own logbook! One that would track all the important things.

Because I truly believe that when you know WHY you’re checking your blood sugar, and WHAT to do with your result… that’s when the magic happens!

That’s when you become empowered and motivated to make smarter choices and live a healthier life. Not because you have to. Because you want to!

Look how beautiful this logbook is! 😊 ❤️

If you want to be empowered and motivated to lead a healthier life, take less medication, and defeat Type 2 diabetes… this is a tool that can be SO useful!

Order it on Amazon and get your hands on it now!

🇺🇸 If you live in the US, click HERE. 🇨🇦 If you live in Canada, click HERE. 🇦🇺 And for our Australian friends, click HERE.

Combine it with all the knowledge from Outsmarting Type 2 diabetes and you’ll be on your way to getting amazing results!

Much love, Sara

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