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If Weight Loss Was So Darn Easy...

A lot of thin people have an opinion on how to lose weight and almost without exception they share their ideas as if they're obvious and easy.

Errrr..... not so much.

If losing weight was easy everyone would be doing it. In fact, if weight management was truly "easy", we wouldn't be in the midst of a global weight related health crisis.

So this begs the question: Why isn't maintaining a healthy weight or losing weight easy?

Well, to start, overcoming addiction of any sort is tough. It doesn't matter if the addiction is to alcohol, drugs or food. Addiction is addiction and for most people the only way of kicking it is with a lot of support and an understanding of what is going on inside of their minds and bodies.

A lot of people get defensive at the idea that their struggles with weight are the result of an addiction. I get that. Because I too am an addict and it took me a long time to admit that. Our society has been so conditioned through pop culture to view addiction as a failure that just the word itself conjures a pretty negative picture.

But the reality is that humans are highly susceptible to sugar addiction (added sugar and simple carbohydrates).

There is a very good reason that starting back in the early 1970's food companies started to dramatically increase the quantity of sugar in their products. They understood quite clearly that triggering a sugar response in consumers was the key to locking them in to their various brands. And it has worked very well for them, but with devastating consequences for us.

It wouldn't be such a disaster if the effect of sugar and simple carbs on humans wasn't so destructive. But it is. Humans don't react well to elevated blood sugar levels. Our physiology simply isn't designed to handle a massive amount of inflammation in our cells.

I'm not talking about having a piece of chocolate cake or eating pizza for dinner every now and then. I'm talking about the constant consumption of added sugar, simple carbs and other various additives found in our food that is happening on a daily basis.

So what do we do?

Well, to start, take a moment to acknowledge that you have a lot of sugar in your diet. Why? Because it is impossible to change something without first acknowledging that the something exists.

Then make a deal with yourself that you are going to reduce your sugar and simple carb consumption by.... start with 25%. That should be a manageable goal. Try that for two weeks and see how you feel.

And lastly, start drinking a lot of water. Proper hydration has so many positive effects on the human body with one of them being improved metabolism.

That's it. The key is to start. And if you need support, we have an amazing community on Facebook where 1,300+ (and growing) people gather to help each other AND be supported by our healthcare team.

BTW, I'm with you on the reducing sugar. I started yesterday because I have a real issue with ice cream, chocolate and bread, and I don't feel well as a result. I'll let you know how I do!

Keep well,


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