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Fear of needles? 💉 Pricking your finger, or injecting insulin is never fun

I know so many people that simply hate or can’t stand needles... What about you, how do you feel about needles?

If you have #prediabetes or #Type2diabetes, you’re unfortunately no stranger to needles. It all starts the day you get your first glucose meter and you are told to test your blood sugar at home.

As a pharmacist, I’ve explained to many first-timers how to use a glucose meter and how to prick their finger. And I’ve heard many different reactions:

“I need blood to test my blood sugar?!” “Why do I have to prick my finger?!” “I have to do this every day?”

I’ve also seen people’s faces turn slightly yellow and foreheads starting to sweat (even on the most tough-looking men and women).

I share this because I want you to know these are all normal human reactions. There’s a reason people add blood to their Halloween costumes… it’s scary! And let’s face it, needles are not fun.

So here’s what I also tell people when I’m explaining how to use a glucose meter:

It’s OKAY to be uncomfortable with this. The mental struggle will slowly disappear if you shift your perspective...

My advice is to find a POSITIVE reason to test your blood sugar. In other words:

❌ Don’t do it because you “have to”. ❌ Don’t do it just to blindly write a number in your logbook. ❌ Don’t do it to make your doctor happy.

✅ Test your blood sugar because you are curious. ✅ Do it to understand how your body is reacting to the lifestyle changes you’re making or the meds you’re taking. ✅ Do it to be empowered by the knowledge of your result, and to be motivated to make changes if needed. ✅ Do it to prove to yourself that you are in control of your own health. ✅ Do it for YOU.

If you’re new to prediabetes or Type2diabetes, and you feel like no one has taken the time to explain all these important things to you, then I’m certain you would benefit from our FREE online course “Outsmarting Type 2 diabetes”. Sign-up to have access to all our videos explaining why and how to test your blood sugar, how to interpret your result, how to deal with it, and much more…

For those of you who also have to take insulin injections regularly, I have a brand new video on YouTube called “8 Tips to Stop Bruising After Insulin Injections”. Click below to watch it, and don’t forget to hit the big red button SUBSCRIBE to support our channel!

Much love, Sara

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