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The Journal That Both Helps to Manage Your Blood Sugar & Live A Healthier Life.

The "My #EndT2D Journal" is a 6-month food journal created to help patients make lifestyle habit changes so they can better manage Type 2 Diabetes. 


The Type 2 Diabetes Journal that: tracks your blood sugar, food, energy levels, sleep & accomplishments!

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What we hope you will get from using the
My #EndT2D Journal

  • Lower & more predictable blood sugar results

  • Increased energy levels

  • More confidence in food choices

  • Better insight into lifestyle habits

  • Lower A1c levels

Keep Track of Everything & Learn in One Simple, Easy-to-Use Manner

What's Included in the Journal:

  • 180 Undated Pages for Daily Recordings.

  • Daily Food Journal: log your food intake for 3 meals and 2 snacks per day.

  • Daily Blood Glucose (BG) Tracker: monitor your BG readings before / after each meal & snack, at bedtime, and any other time of day.

  • Hunger Tracker.

  • Daily Water and Energy Level Tracker.

  • Monthly Health Tracker & Planner: review your progress over the last 30 days and plan your next 30 days by setting specific goals in the areas of nutrition, exercise and sleep.

  • Blood sugar & A1C targets.

  • Educational sections about hypoglycemia treatments & long-term complications of T2D.

  • Simple Nutrition Tools for building diabetes-friendly meals & snacks.

  • Nutrition Guidelines for healthy eating habits.

"The simple act of taking a moment to put pen to paper and record what is taking place in our body can be powerful. It can connect us to the act of making change in a way that digital medium often don't. I created the #EndT2D Journal after 10 years of working with patients in my role as a pharmacist and seeing the positive impact that keeping a written journal often has on their health."


-Sara Issa, Founder Kasana Health, pharmacist & diabetes educator

*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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