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Kasana Health

Helping people with prediabetes and Type 2 diabetes (T2D)

live a healthier life while taking fewer pills.


By giving you the knowledge & support you need to make lifestyle habit changes, in the areas of nutrition, exercise, sleep & stress management.

We don't just want to heal patients.

We want to help patients heal themselves. 


Kasana Health was founded by Sara Issa, licensed pharmacist & Certified Diabetes Educator. With a team of like-minded healthcare professionals, she is committed to improving health-care by combining the power of conventional modern medicine and complementary holistic medicine. Chronic health conditions like T2D affect the entire body, and require a multifaceted treatment approach for better outcome & better quality of life.


"Most of us have a close friend or relative living with T2D and suffering from its complications…

I’m reminded daily of my uncle William who would have continued to spread light and joy for decades more had he not lost the fight against T2D complications.


It is unacceptable that we are losing ourselves and our loved ones to this awful, yet preventable disease. Because despite all the medical and pharmaceutical treatments available, the T2D epidemic continues to grow at an alarming rate."

-Sara I.

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